Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sound sorting

Did you see the post about collecting little objects? Well, this activity uses objects - and kids are enamored with these cute, mini, choking hazards. :) (Just thinking about my ten month old "vacuum cleaner" and why we don't do things like this when she is awake!)

Here's what you need: groups of objects (We used three different letter sounds - but if you are just starting, just use two) and felt "rugs". I just used a felt "sheet" from the craft store and divided it into thirds.
Here's why you should do it: This, like I spy, helps your child isolate and listen for beginning sounds. This activity is just another extension of I spy, but this time attaching a visual, written letter with the sound that is heard. You can also introduce some new vocabulary, too!

First, dump all the objects into a bowl or container.
Lay out your letters and your felt "rugs". (I would not do these letters for someone who is just learning letters/sounds. Note how confusing these letters look to a young child who is learning. Circles and sticks are all over the place! :)

Say the name of the object and choose the right letter sound. You might have to emphasize the beginning sound for them, especially at first when they are training their ears to listen for beginning sounds.
Here is the finished product!
Here is a close up of some of the objects - poodle, puppies, paper clip, present, pan, pea, pacifier, pineapple, pin (bowling and safety), pizza, praying mantis

Here is a picture of some easier sounds to start with. Happy sorting!


  1. Great phonemic awareness activity! I did this with my kindergarteners all the time. (:

  2. Love your activities! Thanks for posting these.

  3. Came over from Texas Triple. Love your ideas!