Sunday, January 31, 2010

Put a lid on it

Is anyone even there? I totally don't blame you if you've all gone on . . . all three of you. :) I've been meaning to do this since Christmas when I put aside all these little boxes, but blah, blah, blah. . . you know how it goes. My other blog hasn't been neglected because, well, life goes on.

This "lesson" is a true Montessori Practical Life lesson that we were "trained" for. Of course, I'm not really doing it in true "Montessori" style, but "Momtessori" because Carolina is only 20 months old and it's just out and about.

Here's what you need: An assortment of boxes, jars, any container that can be opened and closed.
Here's why you should do it: To help with fine motor skills and one to one correspondence. Carolina has a hard time with a lot of these, but she keeps trying and asks for "hep" (help). She'll get it soon enough!

Here's how you do it: For those like me, I just put these all in a basket and we explored together and then she tried it . . . again and again. For those that are more purists, especially if you are doing this with an older child (around three), put out a rug and take them out one by one, placing the lid by the container. After all of them are opened, place the lids back on and put back in the container/tray.