Monday, April 19, 2010

Can you grasp this?

Back a few weeks ago, I was helping Lawton do something and Carolina desperately wanted to help out. So, I quickly grabbed two bowls, some fun pom-poms and let her "grasp" the new "lesson". (Yes, this is a true Montessori lesson that is at the very beginning of the Practical Life sequence for those of you unfamiliar with Montessori lessons.) She was very occupied and let us get our work done!

Here's what you need: Two bowls, and some like objects to be grasped. (beads, beans, marbles, cotton balls, unifix blocks, pasta, etc.)

Here's why you should do it: It teaches the very young child order, concentration and coordination. They feel a great deal of satisfaction at completing a task and emptying the bowl - and can also be very therapeutic! (She did this over and over for about fifteen minutes. Seriously.)

Here's how you do it: Place all objects in the left hand bowl (a subliminal message that everything goes from left to right - always start left!) Show them how to grasp all objects with their hands and place in the right hand bowl. Repeat back into the left hand bowl. and repeat. and repeat. and repeat. :)

Can you see her deep concentration?