Wednesday, December 23, 2009

You'll need the sun on your side

For this activity to work, you'll need the weather to be on your side! Pick a day (if possible) where it will be sunny all day. Now, depending on where you live, you might have to wait a while. . .

Here's what you need: a large paved surface, chalk, and a sunny day!
Here's why should do it: It's a fun, hands on, visible way to explore how the earth moves in relation to the sun and learn while playing outside. :)

Here's how you do it: Head outside and trace their feet first, and then their shadow. Write out the time beside their head.

Lawton had to trace my shadow, too. :)
Later in the day, put your feet in your footprints and trace the shadow again. Talk about the differences in the directionality of the shadow, the length, and how the time and location of the sun affected these differences.
Do this as many times as you would like during the day, using different colors of chalk if you can. We were going to trace our shadows again for a third time, but Daddy decided to wash the cars in the driveway and disrupt our experiment. I couldn't complain! :)


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  3. This is such a neat project. Thanks for sharing.

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