Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jingle Bells . . .

All right - here's an idea for the little ones. . .

Here's what you need: a variety of objects, some of which make sound and some of which do not, and a container to put them in. I literally just looked in one basket in our playroom for these objects and didn't put a whole lot of thought into it. . . :)

Here's why you should do it: This is an auditory discrimination exercise in the simplest form . . . Sound? Or no sound?

Here's how you do it: In a perfect world, and a perfect lesson, I would take out an object, shake it gently in my ear then her ear, and nonverbally shake my head yes or no to answer "sound or no sound?" Then, in a perfect world, I would place it on the rug in the correct category and proceed to the next object. However, by watching this clip, you can see that this is not how the "perfect lesson" went. ha! My husband thought we should practice and do the video over again, but then that wouldn't be keepin' it real, would it? :) (and besides, I'm too lazy to redo it over again. . .) But you know, after watching this video I probably should have redone it for MY sake - does my hair really look this bad all the time? And do I really make these crazy faces all the time in real life? Just keepin' it real. . .


  1. NOt didn't seem that "imperfect" to me. I am excited to try this on my almost-two-year-olds.

  2. She's having so much fun, who cares if it's perfect :)