Monday, May 18, 2009

What rock have I been under?

I feel pretty confident that many of you may already know about this children's author/illustrator, but for some reason, I am just now catching on to her works . . . and she has authored a lot of books! You see, I love books, children's books specifically, and we have so many that we don't have places to put them all! There are three to four shelves of books in the playroom as well as a stack of big books resting against the play kitchen; a wagon full in the living room; Lawton has two full shelves in his room and a box or two that I rotate in and out from my Scholastic acquired "school" books, along with the stack of library books usually on his floor; and Carolina has board books busting at the seams from her room! Just typing all that makes me a little bit embarrassed . . . but blessed. Books are something I'm passionate about if you can't tell.! :)

Anyways, do you guys know about and love Karen Katz? She has a fun website that you can go to HERE.

We checked out this book, Princess Baby, the other week and it is soooo cute! This might be a foreshadowing of things to come!
We have checked out Counting Kisses as well. . .
For her birthday, I broke down and bought Where is Baby's Birthday Cake? It has sparkly illustrations and flaps on every page. At her Kindermusic class, during "book time", she would always go for this one particular book (not this one) with sparkly illustrations. So, of course, when I saw Karen Katz + sparkly illustrations + flap pages + birthday, it equaled me purchasing it! She loves it! :)

What Karen Katz books do you love? I need a list of some to search for the next time we go to the library! Am I the only one who has been under a rock?


  1. My son LOVES her book - Where is Baby's Belly Button? The lift-the-flaps are VERY worn out from lots of use! Thanks for sharing her website!

  2. Her books are a favorite around our home!

  3. Emily loves "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" (bugging me that I can't underline that) At her first birthday, someone had attached the birthday cake book to the top of her present, and I thought that was a really clever idea. I didn't realize she had books besides these lift the flap ones. We'll have to check them out!

  4. I have heard of her and really like her books even though I don't have children yet!

    On a different note, if you have time I would love to know more about Montessori and how to get certified to teach. I currently have an associates degree in Care and Development of Young Children, but want more.

    my email is


  5. I must've been under the same rock b/c she is new to me, too! Will definitely look for her books next time we're at the library, which needs to be SOON. Thanks for a great suggestion!

    Melanie S

  6. where is baby's belly button is definitely the favorite at this house. it's an obvious choice for a girl who is OBSESSED with her own belly button. i want to check out the others by her too, thanks for the suggestions!