Friday, May 22, 2009

Eat your SHAPES, please!

Alright, this is a bit random, and quite a stretch for "Montessori", but I just had to share anyways! Today, as I was fixing lunch, Lawton requested a turkey roll-up (just a whole-wheat tortilla, turkey and cheese), and a fruit roll-up. Then, my wheels started turning . . . he could have a CYLINDER lunch! So, I scrounged the pantry and came up with this . . .
A turkey roll-up, carrots, pretzel rods, fruit roll-up, cheese, and (as a stretch) a banana! Believe it or not, he ate everything but the banana and was stuffed! I never know what/how much he will eat! For dessert, I was going to let him have a ho-ho (which I have NEVER purchased until last week . . . I can't have dessert in the house because I will eat it), but he was too full!

Other CYLINDER ideas: hot dogs, pickles (whole), penne pasta, a carton of yogurt, Vienna sausages, Cheetos
So, then I thought I would make Carolina a SQUARE lunch!
A grilled cheese sandwich (which I later cut up into teeny little squares), cheese-its, a piece of cheese (which I didn't end up giving her because of the grilled cheese and instead gave her grapes)

Other SQUARE ideas: Sun chips, cheese cubes (even though technically those are, indeed, cubes - not squares - I have issues with that . . .) ravioli (close enough), brownie square

Then, I thought I could have a CIRCLE lunch!
A Boca burger (which I later put on bread - I didn't have a CIRCLE bun), pickles, blackberries (a stretch - but they have little "circles" within the berries, sliced strawberries, sliced grapes (unsliced grapes are technically ovoids . . .) and maybe Ruffles chips, but since it was the end of the bag of remnant birthday chips, there were just fragments left . . .

Other CIRCLE ideas: any sandwich cut with a cookie cutter or a press-n-seal sandwich maker, bologna, provolone cheese, wagon wheel pasta, sliced bananas, cookies


some TRIANGLE ideas: quesadilla triangles, pizza slices, sandwiches cut in triangles, Doritos, pineapple tidbits (a stretch), cheese triangles, watermelon slices

some SEMI-CIRCLE ideas: omelets, quesadillas (uncut), mandarin oranges, apple slices

some SPHERE ideas: meatballs, melon balls, cherries, oranges, new potatoes, scoop of ice cream, cheese ball chips

some OVOID ideas: hard-boiled eggs, grapes, kiwi

Here we are enjoying our lunch outside!

This can make mealtimes a little bit more fun . . . and teach/emphasize shapes to little ones.
Do you have any other suggestions I could add to the list?

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