Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mother, May I?

So sorry for the delay of posts. . . I know you have been anxiously waiting! ha! (note the sarcasm, okay?)  We have been super busy around here with Easter and Lawton's 4th birthday on Tuesday!  I am going to throw this activity out there, not that it is original OR "Montessori", but I had kinda forgotten about it!  

After playing in the yard for at least an hour or so the other day, this momma wanted to rest! So I sat down on the swing in our yard and memories came flooding back to me when my mom sat and relaxed on the swing while my sister and I still had plenty of energy!  :)  (I now understand why we played this so much, Mom!)  Someone asked for an activity to help with gross (large) motor skills, so here you go!  

Here's what you need:  A "mother", some player(s), and some space!

Here's why you should do it:  It helps with gross motor skills, teaches taking turns (if playing with more than one person), helps with one-to-one counting, manners, patience and concentration!  It's just plain fun, too and lets the "mother" take a break and relax!  :) Who knew such a simple game could be so beneficial?  

Follow my dialogue . . .

The player stands a designated distance away (about 20 yards or so)

Mother:  Lawton, take three big bunny hops!

Lawton:  Mother, may I?

Mother: Yes, you may! 

(Lawton takes three big bunny hops)

Mother:  Lawton, take eight baby steps!

Lawton: Mother, may I?

Mother: Yes, you may!  

(Lawton takes eight baby steps)  

Continue on until the player reaches "Mother". 

If the player forgets to say "Mother, May I?", then they have to go back to the very beginning! 

If playing with more than one person, it can become a contest.  (or, you can "rig" it to be a tie!)

Some other ideas of steps - scissor steps (crossing one foot in front of the other), giant steps, crab walk (for the more coordinated), backwards steps, kangaroo hops, and whatever else you can dream up.  Give me some more ideas!  

Of course, depending on the age of the child, you can give the steps in little or big increments.  If they are just learning how to count, stick with just one, two and three and shorten the distance between the two of you.  If you have an older child, challenge them to higher numbers and having one-to-one correspondence!  

Here's to happy playing (and resting) "Mothers"!!! :)


  1. sounds like a lot of fun! and a great way to practice counting! for the older kiddos you could even give them a math problem- like move 5 + 4 steps...great way to practice math with the large motor skills!

  2. I forgot about this game! More 'Mommy resting' games--Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says.