Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Basting - but not your turkey!

So sorry for the blog slacker that I have become. Several of you have called me out - and I guess I have been a slacker mom lately, too. Okay, I'm going to go easy on myself - life and the busyness of life take over sometimes, 'kay? You can always check out "my other life" HERE to see what we've been up to. (The reasons why I can't get a "Momtessori" post together)

Here's what you need: two bowls, water, food coloring, a baster, and a tray and sponge (even though I don't have the tray and sponge pictured, I HIGHLY recommend them!)

Notice that you always put the water (or whatever you are doing) on the left first. (Because everything in our culture - reading, math - is from left to right) Put the "utensil" in the middle so that just in case your child's "handedness" isn't declared, they will naturally choose what is right for them. If you were to put it on the left hand side of the bowl, 99% of the time they will pick it up with their left hand, and vice versa.

Here's why you should do it: This will help your kiddo with fine motor skills, concentration, and pave the way for your kid to bring the perfect turkey to Thanksgiving dinner years from now so you won't have to make it anymore! ha!

Show them how to squeeze the bulb, put it into the water, and then release to suction up the water.

Squirt out the water in the right bowl. (Just in case you're wondering - this is just water with a little red food coloring (since red is his favorite color). Colored water makes it SOO much more fun!
Keep transferring the water until it is all in the right bowl, and then transfer it all back to the left. Repeat as long as there is interest.

Want to take it up a notch? Use a medicine dropper with smaller bowls or a plastic "syringe" like what I have pictured below.

If you have a tray, USE IT! Somehow, out of the fifty different sizes, shapes and colors of trays I have in storage, I don't have ONE in the house. Water will spill. That's why you should have a sponge handy to teach THEM to clean up their own spills! :) Happy basting!


  1. i think we have the same dishes!

  2. I've been reading your blog for a while (and using the lessons with my 3 year old son). Thank you so much for these ideas. You have rescued me from insanity many a time ;)

    Just thought I'd share this blog post with you. Hope you get a chance to look. We obviously had fun with the turkey baster activity!