Saturday, August 22, 2009

She makes her Momtessori debut!!

Well, I figured it was about time that Carolina debuted on the old blog! ha! She has been getting into my cabinets and playing with my muffin tins the past few weeks . . . so I decided to "make" her an activity!

Here's what you need: a muffin tin, twelve like objects (I used these fun, sparkly, soft, colorful pom-poms that I had on hand) and a bowl to hold the objects.

Here's why you should do it: It helps increase concentration and coordination and teaches one-to-one correspondence. (and toddlers love repetition so your kiddo might do it over and over and over and over again and you might get ten minutes peace - just change out the objects periodically!)

Here's how you do it: Watch this little video . . . what you see is what you get! I just laid it in front of her for the first time and she went to town! (and notice how she is "counting". ha!)



  1. FABULOUS DEBUT! i'm so excited for ideas to use with the younger munchkins too:)

  2. She is so smart and her dress is cuteness. But I LOVE him singing and talking in the background. I really enjoy your ideas and have used them often. Thanks!

  3. You have great blog. I enjoy read your posts! Carolina is sooooo cute! ;-)

  4. I am going to try that with my youngest. She is 15mo. I think she might like that. I am in the process of setting up a "classroom" for her. My 3yr old in in a Montessori school now so I thought it would be fun to let the little one have some class time of her own. She really likes it. Her favorite activities so far are pooring beans and spooning large wooden beads with a scoop.

  5. I have loved all of you ideas, almost used a lot of your ideas, but I did use this idea for my son and his friend. And I blogged about it on my blog. Maybe you could tell me the top priority things that we should make sure they do with this activity...i.e. all the pieces must be more similar than the ones we used, left to right EVERY time, etc.

    Jana Green

  6. I love this idea. I was just about to contact you to see if you had any ideas for younger children. My little girl is two so I am looking for activities for her to learn and stay busy.

  7. Jonah LOVES working with pompoms. Yesterday I gave him a 6 muffin muffin tin and he sorted in one, red in one, and white in one. Pompoms keep him occupied forEVER! I also took an old gladware container and cut a hole in the top and he pushes the little pompoms into the hole.