Friday, March 13, 2009

Want to join me?

This is not a post about what we've done already, but what we're going to do! Maybe you can follow along at your house, too!

Here's what you need: A butterfly growing kit. Click HERE if you want to order one yourself and experience the fun at your house. I've never done this, but I've heard how much fun they can be and the reviews sound like it is an awesome experience! The kit comes with live caterpillars (or coupon for them) and within three weeks, you will have butterflies!

Here's why you should do it: How exciting to see science - a beautiful and fascinating life cycle - up close and personal (in your house!!)?
But here's the real reason that I, personally, have decided to grow butterflies at this particular time - Easter. As I was researching on line and pondering all the busyness that is coming up this spring, I realized that Easter is on April 12, a month away. All the information says that you will have butterflies within about three weeks. I'm not sure how the shipping and all that will pan out, but hopefully we will have butterflies near Easter.
Why the big deal about Easter you may be asking? I am hoping to use these magnificent butterflies as a tangible example of Jesus to my very concrete three year old. Just as the caterpillars will be delivered to us very small, Jesus was born on this earth just like me and you. The caterpillars will grow and eat for the purpose that they must fulfill, just like Jesus did. The caterpillars will then form a cocoon, seemingly sleeping, or dead, and await the day for his calling, just like Jesus did. And then, what a glorious day when the butterflies emerge "from the tomb" and are released, just as Jesus ascended to heaven!
I'm not sure if Lawton will grasp the correlation between the wonderful story of Jesus and the life cycle of a butterfly, but I'm sure we will both learn a lot and make some fun memories in the process!
Let me know if you're going to participate at your house - it will be fun to follow every one's progress together! :) I'll be sure to post pictures of the progress once we get started - stay tuned!


  1. My little guy is only 13 months old so I think we'll hold off this year. We did this once when I was teaching kindergarten and the kids LOVED it!

  2. Barbara Seamon and Melinda McInteer have done butterflies with their 3rd graders several times. They might have some pointers for you. I think they use them to teach a similar lesson, though maybe more about how God changes our hearts.

  3. I've been wanting to do this with the kids anyway! Love the idea of doing it for Easter...I've been trying to think of ideas for that, too! I'm excited to go get our caterpillars :)

  4. This was one of my favorite things about teaching 2nd grade!!! Caterpillars actually form a chrysalis, moths form cocoons. ;)

  5. We saw caterpillars at the Aquarium this weekend and David was quite intrigued! I am hoping that the Easter Bunny will leave this for us:) as I am so not on top of it enough to get it together in time to have them "hatch" by Easter- but definitely plan to use the metaphor!!!! Do you know where you can actually get the caterpillars??? Do you mail it or go to the bug store:)?

  6. I have used this kit many times when I taught school! It was a hit every time no matter what age the kids where! The tadpole to frog kit is a blast also! I love your blog! My daughter is three and she has enjoyed many activities from your site! Thank you!!!! Keep up the creativity! Andrea Muse