Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go paint a rock!

A rock? Yep. If you haven't introduced painting to your kiddo yet, this is perfect! If your kids love to paint, this is still perfect!

Here's what you need: some rocks, or "stones", preferably smooth; water and a paintbrush. I'm not really sure where all these rocks have come from . . . I think I have picked them up here and there on trips and such. Aren't they pretty and smooth?
Here's why you should do it: This is a perfect introduction to using a paintbrush! It's not messy (unless the cup tips over and spills on your tax return) and is mesmerizing to see the rocks change colors. The water dries very quickly and you can do it all over again! A very "green" activity! :)

I don't really have to explain this one . . .

We even got a little creative - I wrote my name and he wrote the letter "L". I'll be honest, though. Despite all my efforts, Lawton does not like to do anything "artsy". sigh. I do. Maybe Carolina will indulge me - or maybe my efforts will one day pay off.

We still had a good time, though. :)


  1. Laura Beth,
    You amaze me with all of your creative ideas! I am going to enjoy trying some of them with Brooks! Thanks for starting this blog for uncreative people like me!!!

  2. Laura Beth,
    I am a friend of Kathryn's. She mentioned your blog to me yesterday. I was very interested to check it out since I have a 2 year old (nearly 3), Chloe. She loves projects and is an eager learner, but I have totally run out of ideas for her and working part-time doesn't help. I am already fascinated by your blog and plan to get some projects ready ASAP! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!