Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you lost your marbles?

If you haven't lost your marbles already after being cooped up in the house during this bitter cold winter with your kiddos, you might (literally) lose your marbles after this!
Here's what you need: a jar of flat bottomed marbles (like what you use for decorative purposes in vases, etc.) (I got mine on clearance at Target a couple of years ago), a roll of thin vinyl material (or roll of paper) and a Sharpie marker

Here's why you should do it: This is "controlled" counting and helps with one-to-one correspondence. Number recognition and correspondence is also practiced.

I highly recommend getting vinyl instead of using paper, because vinyl will hold up for hours of use and multiple children . . . but paper will work in a pinch! Make this template of numbers 1 - 10 to give a "guide" for your little one. (Vinyl is sold in most fabric stores. It is relatively inexpensive, you can cut it and it won't ravel, and is easily drawn on!)
Place the marbles on the circles . . . the circles drawn out help with one-to-one correspondence and help with practicing counting.
The finished product!

Want to step it up a notch?
Make separate sheets with only the circles and some small slips of paper with numbers written on them.
Spread them out and place them in the correct order (this also practices estimation to see which one goes next . . . before actually counting and making sure, of course!)
And then match the corresponding numbers to the correct quantities.
The finished product!

Want to step it up yet another notch?

You can introduce odd and even numbers with this visual. Even numbers have a "partner".
Run your finger down the middle and land upon the one in the middle. Odd numbers don't have a partner . . . they're the "odd" man out!

Now . . . have you lost your marbles or do you still have them?


  1. i'm hooked! i know i have a little while until akm is ready for some of these ideas, but that doesn't stop me from reading and taking notes. so glad you are blogging about this.

  2. Love this! Hope it's ok that I link to this post on my blog!?